Project ‘N4’ teaser trailer

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This past weeks i’ve been doing a couple of photography sessions, and help shaping an animation project with a friend. You’ll see very soon the results of the sessions. One is for a psichology website, and the other one is for practice and experimental purposes.

But today i’m here to show you a teaser trailer that i made a couple of years ago for a project named ‘N4’. The idea came when we wanted to make a horror film, but instead of doing just one, we’ve decided to make four short films and putting them together in a one long horror movie with four chapters, or four different horror stories.

The pity was that only one of those four stories was shot. My script, that i ended up calling it ‘FACES’, the short film that you can watch in a previous post.

But one thing that we certainly did was the ‘N4’ teaser trailer, and that’s the video that i wanted to show you today.



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